Saturday, December 3, 2011

iPad2 $399 at TJMaxx today

If you were looking to get an iPad2 this Christmas, you might want to head to TJMaxx today.  They are rumored to be selling them for $399 today.  Its for the 16 gb iPad 2's.  I know its just a rumor and I haven't confirmed it, but they did a similar deal last year around this time for the iPad and they sold out quickly.  So go early (I think they may open at 9). I don't usually recommend calling them since it alerts employees to the deal and sometimes they will lie and tell you they don't have any so that they can buy them themselves, so you might just want to plan a trip out this morning anyway.  Let me know if anyone finds them!  And good luck!!  May the force be with you! :) The rumor.

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