Sunday, February 5, 2012

$1 off movie rental today only at Blockbuster Express

The free codes are few and far between on Blockbuster Express (especially since they raised the price of the new rentals to $2).  But today only, there is a promo code you can enter for $1 off any movie rental. Use BIGGAME when you rent a movie to get it. Go here to find the nearest kiosk.  You can also see which movies they have in sock at that kiosk and reserve a movie.

Also, if you "like" them on facebook (Link) you will get a promo code that will be good for a week or two that you can use for $1 off any movie rental.

Madonna's Celebration Album, $3.99 Download today on Amazon

In celebration of Madonna starring in Halftime at the Super Bowl tonight, Amazon is offering a download of her greatest hits album, "Celebration" for $3.99 today.  Go here to view and to download.

Leapfrog Leappad $89 for tablet or $100.97 with game at Kmart

Kmart has the Leapfrog Leappad's in stock in case your child didn't get one for Christmas and you are still on the hunt for one.  Link to green Leappad. Link to pink Leappad. When you add either color to your shopping cart, when you go to checkout, enter promo code KMART10PSAVINGS to get 10% off, making them $89.99.  Shipping is free right now.  If you want to pick up a game and only pay $100.97 for both the Leappad and the game follow these steps:
1. If paying with a Visa: Click here and click on "redeem offer" button.
2. Add the Leappad of your choice to your cart and then add the game of your choice to your cart.
3. If your total is just under $125, buy a filler (or a very cheap item to push your total over $125).  There is an 8 pack of Crayola crayons for $.99 you can add-Link to crayons.
4. Checkout.

If you are paying with Mastercard, Click here instead,  and go through the same steps as above.

I highly recommend getting a gel skin for your leappad too.  I have found them at Walmart for $10.  It is well worth the money!

Kindle Fire 7" 8 GB $199 plus $50 Walmart Gift card starting today

Walmart has their Kindle Fire's for the regular price of $199 but this week you can pick one up and get a $50 Walmart gift card with its purchase.  This makes the Kindle Fire at Walmart one of the best deals I have seen on Kindle Fire's!  We gave my mother-in-law one for Christmas and she loves hers.  If you are just looking to get a tablet to search the internet with, read books with and play games on, this is for you!  Also, when you purchase any Kindle Fire you get a free month of Amazon Prime.  Prime offers you free shipping on all Amazon purchases, gives you access to thousands of movies streamed for free online at Amazon and also gives you access to their Kindle book library.  This deal is only good at Walmart stores though, so you might want to go today (and go early) to get one before they sale out. Link to ad showing deal. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

More LEGOs to look for half price on at Walmart

This of course is a store by store markdown, so if your store hasn't marked them down yet, they will, it just takes time.  These are LEGOs that will be phased out soon, you will start to see them marked down if not now, soon.

Minifigs Series 5
HP Hogwart's Castle
HP Hagrid's Hut
HP Knight Bus
POTC Whitecap Bay
Alien Conquest Jet Copter
Alien Conquest Tripod
AC Mothership
AC Strike
AC Helicopter
City Command Center
City Space Center
City Police Mobile Unit
City Police Boat
City Police Helicopter
City Marina
City Fire Station

There may be more to come, but that is what other's are reporting to see at least 50% off at various Walmarts around the country.

42" Sharp LCD TV $330 free ship to store-Best Buy online

Right now Best Buy has a Sharp 42" LCD (1080p 60Hz) TV on sale for $329.99 and you can have it shipped to Best Buy for free.  Regular price is $500.  Even though its only 60Hz, its still not a bad deal for a 42" 1080p.   Link to TV.