Thursday, February 2, 2012

More LEGOs to look for half price on at Walmart

This of course is a store by store markdown, so if your store hasn't marked them down yet, they will, it just takes time.  These are LEGOs that will be phased out soon, you will start to see them marked down if not now, soon.

Minifigs Series 5
HP Hogwart's Castle
HP Hagrid's Hut
HP Knight Bus
POTC Whitecap Bay
Alien Conquest Jet Copter
Alien Conquest Tripod
AC Mothership
AC Strike
AC Helicopter
City Command Center
City Space Center
City Police Mobile Unit
City Police Boat
City Police Helicopter
City Marina
City Fire Station

There may be more to come, but that is what other's are reporting to see at least 50% off at various Walmarts around the country.

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