Tuesday, December 4, 2012

American Girl dolls Cecile and Marie-Grace: 61% off tomorrow 9AM EST

Ok, so my daughter has now caught the American Girl bug and that is one expensive bug!  But I came across a deal that is fantastic for brand new American Girl dolls that is for tomorrow only.  Starting at 9AM, for the Jill's Steals and Deals segment from the Today Show, American Girl is going to offer its Cecile doll, with book and accessories, their Marie-Grace doll, with book and accessories, as well as their canopy bed, for 61% off its original price.  That will make the dolls just over $50!!! ( You do have to pay shipping and handling).  The deal will go live tomorrow (12/5) at 9 AM EST.  So if you are interested, be on your computer and ready to buy at precisely 9AM because I am sure this won't last long.  Here are the links to the dolls and bed:
Marie-Grace doll and accessories
Cecile doll and accessories
Canopy bed

The links aren't active yet, but will be tomorrow morning.

****CODE is JILLOFFER-you will need this code to get the prices***


  1. Thanks for the helpful links..I'm a newbie at AG..
    When I clicked on the link it says "sold out". Is the sale tomorrow Wednesday the 5th at 9? Just wanted to be sure not to miss it!

    1. Yes, the sale starts tomorrow (the 5th) at 9. Sometimes AG is a little slow to get it up and running so if it isn't exactly 9, give it a little while. It says out of stock right now, but that will change come in the morning. You will also need a code to buy it at that discount. You can watch the Jill's Steals and Deals segment on the Today Show tomorrow morning and get it, or check back on here (or my facebook page) and I will post the code there as well. Good luck!