Friday, October 21, 2011

Free Nursing Cover and Baby Sling

There are two different sites that you can get free items for mommas with babies.  The first is a nursing cover, go here to see all the styles.   Once you have picked out your cover, go to your cart and enter the code BABIES.  You still have to pay shipping but the cover (normally $32) will be free.You can also pick one of the gift packs that include the cover and reusable nursing pads, and it will deduct $32, making it $5.
Then go here to this link and pick out a baby sling for $39 and enter promo code BABIES again at checkout and it will deduct the cost of the sling, and just charge you for shipping.  (Let me know if you have a problem getting this one to work because I can't seem to get on the site)
Thanks to my friend Donna for this find!  I have gotten one of the udder covers before and they are quite nice $32 nice, but they are definitely worth free! :))

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