Thursday, September 15, 2011

Disney's Dumbo re-releases on DVD/BR next Tuesday, $5 off coupon

Disney has released a $5 off Dumbo Blu-ray/DVD combo pack in time for Dumbo's re-release (but now on Blu-ray) next Tuesday the 20th.  Go here to print the coupon. (You have to be a Disney Movie Rewards Member but its free to join.)  They also have a $5 off coupon for Spooky Buddies HERE which also comes out next Tuesday the 20th.  Target seems to have the best deal for buying both.  If you buy both (each are $22.99) you get an additional $8 off, plus the $10 total in coupons so it will be a grand total for both movies of $28.

Target is also the best on the price of each individually so far.  I will edit the post if I find another store has them cheaper next week.

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