Friday, September 23, 2011 Black Friday in September

Mattel is having a Black Friday in September sale today, and with free shipping on all items sitewide.  Lots of items 50-60% off. There is one item I found particularly funny, its the Puppy Tweets Tag (in pink or blue).  Apparently it transmits your dog's barks into tweets on Twitter, such as "I've finally caught that tail I have been chasing and ...OWWWWCCCHHH!"  You have to set up your dog's Twitter account though! HA!  They are $9, reg. $30. There is Generations of Dreams Barbie Doll for $25, reg. $50.  There is Polly Pckets, Toy Story stuff and other Barbies, as well as many other toys, on sale.  Check it out here.

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