Thursday, September 29, 2011

Disney's releases $5 off coupon for both Lion King and Beauty and the Beast on 3D/Blu-ray/DVD

Disney has released a $5 off coupon for its upcoming release of Lion King and Beauty and the Beast on Blu-ray/DVD/3-D combo on 10/4. You do have to be a Disney Movie Reward member, which is free to join. Here is the link for the Lion King coupon. Here is the link to the Beauty and the Beast coupon.  The Lion King coupon is also good for the Trilogy set, which includes Lion King 1, 1 1/2, and 2, and has 8 total discs.   Target has a coupon on their site that you can print to use for Beauty and the Beast, so combining both Disney's coupon and Target's coupon will get you the movie $10 cheaper at Target.  Go here to get your Target coupon.  Here are the prices that I know so far for both movies:
Lion King 3D 4-Disc version $29.99 (includes soundtrack)-$5 coupon=$24.99
Lion King Blu-ray/DVD combo $22.99

Best Buy:
Lion King 3D combo pack $29.99-$5 coupon=$24.99 (they also have a version that includes a lunch box for the same price)
Lion King DVD/Blu-ray combo $19.99
Beauty and The Beast 3D combo pack $29.99
If you buy both Lion King and Beauty and the Beast at Best Buy you can save an additional $8.

***Toys R Us:
This is the best deal so far and here is how it works:
Get Lion King 3D combo for $27.99-$5 coupon= $22.99
You will get a free 3-D poster with it too
And if you preorder Cars 2 (you have to put $5 down) you will save an extra $10 off Lion King, making it $12.99 (or $17.99 if you include the $5 you put down for Cars2) Even if you don't go back and get your copy of Cars 2 when it comes out, it is still the cheapest deal for $17.99.

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