Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brewburgers: buy a drink get a free burger! (Till Thursday)

Brewburgers is new burger joint on the south end of St. Pete. (Located at 4195 34th St. S.-between IHOP and Subway).  We went there for lunch today with friends (thank you again, Teresa and Tim for lunch!) to check them out only to discover that we were there at the right time!  I guess as a grand opening promotion, they are offering their two regular burgers (Ground Beef Burger and Guinness Burger) plus one additional topping for free with any drink purchase (soft drink, alcohol, etc.). And they were pretty good burgers!  Their promotion is going on till Thursday so if you are in the area, check them out!

If you don't want a burger, they have a wide selection of salads, wings, other types of sandwiches/burgers and their chicken tenders are pretty tasty too!  One downfall (which isn't too bad since they have the chicken tenders) is that they don't have a kids menu.  Gotta work on that!   Be sure to check them out on facebook too!

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