Saturday, January 7, 2012

Target's hidden deal: Harry Potter Lego bags (reg. 3.99) now .39

If your kiddo likes Legos or you need great little presents for treat bags, these are perfectly priced!  Check near the registers at Target for the Harry Potter bagged Legos.  Its the small bag of Legos but for .39, you can't go wrong!  The Pinellas Park Target showed several in stock.  This is part of the 90% off Christmas that hit yesterday (sorry I didn't post it yesterday but I really didn't get online much) and these are not marked and they aren't back with the rest of the Christmas items.  They don't have any Christmasy packaging on them, but they were used as stocking stuffers, thus the 90% off.  There are also bags of Kingdoms, but I don't see any listed in stock at any of the local Targets.  But if you want to check stock for elsewhere, I have provided the links below to check stock with. (Just enter the zip code you want to check stock near)
Kingdom Legos stock
Harry Potter Legos stock

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