Monday, January 23, 2012

CVS Beauty (and more) Clearance

Right now in stores there are several items on clearance at CVS, deodorant, Huggies Pull-ups & Good nights (check your coupons for additional $ off), and cosmetics/perfume.  The Milani Cosmetics brand is 75% off (if not ticketed that way, scan it!) and that includes items like the eye pencil sharpeners.  Other items may also be 75% off.  There was some Degree Clinical Deodorant on sale for 75% off (both Men and Women's).  So if you are in the area of a CVS, check it out!
**Update:  I headed to CVS to check out the Milani makeup myself (I love that line!) and here is what I got:
Milani Runway Eyes 08 Catwalk (Pallette) $2.12
Milani Runway Eyes 09 Caribbean Sea (one color) $1.69
Milani Mineral Blush 201 Luminous $1.69
Milani Black Magic Eye Liner 06 Blackened Gold (fat pencil) $1.82
Milani Eyeliner retractable pencil Blue Eyes $1.69
Milani Dual Sharpener $1.49

Degree Clinical Protection Classic Romance deodorant $2.49

All was 75% off the original price.  There may be more clearance makeup, but I did not have time to check all of it.  Some of it was regular price (although they do have a sale on the regular priced, buy one get one half off).

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