Saturday, January 21, 2012

EXPIRED: Keurig's B31 Mini Brewer $65 shipped, B40 $82, B60 $90

Beall's has their Keurigs on sale this weekend.  When you pull them up individually you will see them on sale for 20% off, but when you add them to your cart, you get an extra 20% percent off making the Mini Brewer $79.99. If you add a filler, and put in promo code FASHION, you will get an extra 25% off plus free shipping.  You can pick up a K-cup (which uses your own grinds) and it will come to a total of $71.38 for both.  You can do this for the upper machines but not have to add a filler (because you have to have $65 or more to have the extra percent off and free shipping with the promo code).
Link to B31 Mini Brewer (in Black)
Link to all Keurig Brewers
The B40 would be $82 after all percentages are taken, and the B60 would be $90.

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