Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Amazon Baby deals

If you have a young one in diapers or pull-ups, you'll appreciate this post!  Did you know that if you join Amazon's Mom club (don't worry, its free to join) and buy anything that you can "subscribe and save"on, you can not only save 30% off of Amazon's usually already good prices but you also get free Prime shipping for 6 months and then gets extended by one month every time you spend at least $25 for up to a year of free shipping?  We have save so much money not only on diapers but on every thing else we order from Amazon because of the free shipping and not having to pay tax on the items!  And there are certain magazines, like Parenting and Baby Talk, that will from time to time have Amazon coupon codes that you can stack on top of the 30% you get for Amazon Mom and Subscribe and Save for diapers and/or wipes.  You don't have to keep the subscribe and save, just go under your account settings, find your subscribe and save items after you have ordered them and just cancel the subscription.

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