Thursday, July 28, 2011

Target Toy Clearance is ON!

Went this morning (not as early as I had planned) around 9 AM to the Pinellas Park Target and they were just starting to mark toys down, so I hadn't missed much!  Apparently from talking to other shoppers, the Tyrone store had already marked their stuff down early this morning.  But I loaded my buggy full of toys I was interested in and took them to one of the kind ladies doing the markdowns and they would scan each toy and stick the new sticker on for me.  There were a couple of toys that didn't go all the way down to 75%, so I put them back.   I'll update with the list as soon as I can, but I wanted to get the word out that they are dropping the prices today.

Cars 2 Duplo set reg. 49.99, sale 12.48
Hot Wheels Trick Track reg. 15.99, sale 3.98
Z-Curve Bow reg. 20.29, sale 5.07
Cars 2 3 piece plush set reg. 12.99, sale 3.24
Moxie Girlz Magic Hair doll reg. 29.99, sale 7.48
Thomas and Friends 4 pc. Take-n-play reg. 18.99, sale 4.74
"Happy Birthday Ken" Barbie reg. 44.99, sale 11.24
Polly Pockets Pop n Swap dolls reg. 22.99, sale 5.74
Leapster Carrying case reg. 14.99, sale 3.74
Chuck and Friends Boomer the Fire Truck reg. 12.49, sale 3.12
Girl Gourmet Cake Bakery reg. 19.98, sale 4.98
Thomas and Friends Tidmouth Shed reg. 32.99, sale 8.24
Lego Atlantis set reg. 42.99, sale 10.74
Hot wheels Monster Jam reg. 18.99, sale 4.74

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