Thursday, July 21, 2011

Correction: Big Lots is going to have the Cricut Cake (not Expression), Shark Steam Mop

I just got the ad for next week for Big Lots and they are going to have the Cricut Cake Expression (the 12x24) machine for $140.  This is a decent price for a brand-new Cake machine.  They are also going to have Cricut cartridges for $25 which is also not a bad deal.  They also have some other things that are pretty good prices on.  Such as the Basic Shark Steam Mop for $39.  I paid $35 for mine on Black Friday so its not a bad deal, and I LOVE my Shark Steam Mop.  I have mostly laminate and tile floors and I feel that they are so much cleaner after I use my steamer!  Here is a link to the Ad

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