Monday, August 8, 2011

Amazon has the Flip MinoHD Video Camera for $58.53

We have a Flip video camera, and although its not the best quality video out there, its not bad for what we paid for it (got it on clearance at Staples for $50ish).  And its nice to have a compact video camera that is easy to grab and shoot with.  Flips are being discontinued though (I was bummed to find this out, since I felt they have a pretty decent product!) and Amazon has dropped the price of their Flip MinoHD 4GB video camera.  This is the newest model out and its only $58.53 with free shipping. Here is the link.  And you can pick up a free waterproof kit for it for free.  Scroll down to "Special offers" and click where it says "Add both to cart" and you should see the discount taken off the waterproof kit, making it free (it will show up at the last stage before you checkout).

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