Thursday, August 4, 2011

Disney Movie coupons: Fox and the Hound and Mars Needs Moms

Both of these movies come out this coming Tuesday and in preparation (as Disney usually does) they have released coupons for both.  I have always said that the week of release is the best time to nab movies (unless you can get them on clearance somewhere at a much later date-but that's unusual for Disney movies).  Go here to print a $5 off coupon for Fox and the Hound/Fox and the Hound II double movie pack on Blu-ray/DVD combo.  Go here to print off a $5 coupon for Mars Needs Moms on Blu-ray/DVD combo.  If you don't already have a Disney Movie Reward account, you will have to sign up for one first.  But its free and their coupon generator is very safe.  Besides, you can get some really cool rewards for your points you get in all the Disney movies.

Now for who will have what deals:
Mars Needs Moms on Blu-ray/DVD combo will be $24.99-$5 coupon=$19.99
Fox and the Hound double movie Blu-ray/DVD combo will also be $24.99-$5 coupon=$19.99
*If you buy both movies, you instantly save $8, your total then being $31.98

Best Buy:
Mars Needs Moms Blu-ray/DVD combo $22.99-$5 coupon=$17.99
Fox and the Hound double movie Blu-ray/DVD combo $22.99-$5 coupon=$17.99

You can take your Best Buy ad to Target and have them price match and see if they will still give you $8 if you buy both, but I can't guarantee that they will.  If I get any more ads with better pricing, I will update this. 

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