Friday, August 19, 2011

UPDATE: Still in stock, Interested in an HP 16 gb touchpad for $99 or 32 gb for $150?

So HP is getting out of their touchpad/smartphone business and the rumor (and according to all the deal nuts out there, its a pretty good chance this will happen) is that starting tomorrow (could be at midnight tonight or sometime during the day tomorrow, but you may want to randomly check it-as well as Amazon because they sometimes price match deals out there) their 16 gb Touchpads will be $99 (reg. $400) and their 32 gb will be $150 (reg. $500).  A great deal on a Touchpad!!!  (My husband said I *might* can get one if I can get it for $99!)  If anybody is able to get one at such a great price, be sure to check in here and post your deal!  Happy hunting!
Link to 16 gb for tomorrow
Link to 32 gb for tomorrow
**UPDATE:  Sounds like HP will reduce the prices starting at 7 a.m. EST tomorrow. 
***UPDATE 8/20/11: They still have them in stock for $99 and $149, Go here and purchase them under small business. Or you can try and call them at 1-866-625-0242.
****UPDATE 8/21: Best Buy is now selling them for the same price, check them out online or in store.

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