Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bambi II Blu-ray or DVD $5 coupon

Disney Movie Rewards has just released a $5 off coupon for Bambi II.  (Bambi II will be released next Tuesday  8/23 on DVD or Blu-ray or combo of both) Link to coupon. (remember you have to sign up for a DMR account to get the coupon but its free) The coupon says it is good for the Blu-ray combo pack or the DVD combo pack! I am not totally sure what the DVD combo pack is about yet, but I am going to research it and let you know if I can find anything out.  Typically these coupons are only good on Blu-ray combo packs and it may be that the DVD combo pack has a Blu-ray with it and is just packaged in a DVD sized case, but I will try and find out for sure.  Until then, here are the prices I know of so far for the Blu-ray combo pack and the DVDs.
DVD $17.99 (-$5 coupon= $12.99 -if they allow it)
Blu-ray combo pack $24.99 (-$5 coupon=$19.99)
(You can bring in Best Buy's ad and price match their DVD price at Target)
Best Buy:
DVD $14.99 (-$5 coupon?=$9.99)
Blu-ray combo pack $24.99 (-$5 coupon=$19.99)
*if you buy Bambi Blu-ray combo pack at the same time ($24.99) you will get $8 off when buying both.

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